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Jan 28, 2020

Employee benefits are one of the most powerful parts of your overall financial plan, but also one of the most commonly overlooked. Statistics show that effectively managing your benefits can boost them up to 30% of your compensation each year. That’s a fantastic return on the time invested.

In this lively conversation, Senior Financial Planner Andrew Busa and Senior Account Manager Alden Witman go over numerous ways to take full advantage of what’s available to you and your loved ones. 

Among the key topics of discussion:

  • Maximizing retirement investing vehicles like 401(k)s
  • What benefits are portable when you switch jobs (and which ones aren’t)
  • How to minimize risk when making benefits decisions
  • Making savvy insurance and health care choices

Employee benefits can maximize your earnings, protect your family and put you on the right track to a comfortable retirement. Don’t leave all that on the table!

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